CAP Program

College Assistance and Preparation (CAP)

The college acceptance process is highly competitive. Preparation for college doesn’t start in your senior year it begins when you first enter high school. Most high schools have qualified college guidance counselors on staff. However, as good as these counselors are, they rarely have the time to devote to every student.

College Planning is a comprehensive and sometimes stressful process. Did you know?

  • 46% of students – don’t finish with a degree
  • 57% of students – take 6 years to finish a degree
  • 34% of students – don’t go back after freshman year
  • 33% of students – transfer colleges with fewer credits than they earned

We an assist you through this process we will help students increase their chances of acceptance and graduating from the college of their dreams. The goal of this program is to prepare students for productive lives in college.

Parents and students receive:
Assistance in class selection
• Standardized test preparation
• Practice admission interview questions
•Financial Planning
• College fairs