CASH Program

Career and Success Help (CASH)

Career and Success Help (CASH) is a highly individualized and supportive program that utilizes a personal career coach to assist clients in pursuing a more meaningful career path. Coaches work with clients at various stages of the career planning process and according to individual needs. Our effective career planning process involves:

Self Assessment:
Career coaches will help clients clarify skills, values, interests, personality traits, preferred work environment, desired people, interactions, talents, and career development needs.

Generating Career Options:
Through discovery meetings, counseling sessions, and various assessment tools, career coaches will help clients identify potential career options.

Exploring Career Options:
Career Coaches will teach clients how to research careers and facilitate professional experiences in fields of interest.

Setting Goals and Taking Action:
With a career coach, clients will set goals and then develop an action plan to pursue those goals. Clients will decide to seek further education, enhance skills, make changes in a current job, or seek a new career.

Skill Building Workshops and Seminars:
Improving skills may be the difference between a job and a career. Our workshops and seminars will assist with preparing for a job search, networking, résumé writing, soft skills improvement, interviewing and much more.