Moving in Destiny (MinD)

Moving in Destiny (MinD) is an innovative youth development program that provides opportunities for youth to develop character and the necessary life skills to be successful adults. To accomplish our goals we engage youth through academic and supplemental services, civic literacy and community engagement, and financial literacy.


MinD also uses aspects of the Talent Development Model in the areas of:


1. Focusing on Assets


2. Transitional Support


3. Constructive and Activist Learning


4. Preparation for the 21st Century


5. Meaningful and Connected Learning


to provide youth with practical knowledge, skills and experiences to facilitate academic, social, and emotional growth.  To date the Moving in Destiny has served hundreds of low-income and middle class youth who have attended the following colleges: The University of Maryland, Dillard University, Tulane University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, The University of Maryland-Baltimore County, St Joseph University, The Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University, Penn State, Embry-Riddle.