New Destiny, LLC

Giving Youth a New Destiny.

Jaracus L Copes

President/ CEO


About Us

At New Destiny LLC, we BELIEVE in the TALENTS and SOCIAL GRACES of our young people. Thatís why New Destiny, LLC, was founded in 2002 with the vision that every man be wholly educated and rightly formed not in one single matter but in all things which perfect human nature. To ensure the future success of todayís youth, New Destinyís mission is to provide youth with the skills and environment that promotes positive youth development and leadership, empowering them to be life-long learners and responsible citizens in a global society. New Destiny, LLC embodies the following core values:

 Strengthen the link between home and school.

 Nurture the healthy development of youth.

 Stimulate an affinity for life long learning.

 Foster creativity in youth.

 Guide the leaders of tomorrow.

 Embody excellence in everything we do.

New Destiny, LLC is comprised of† programs that improves self esteem and focuses on the life and educational skills and necessary for one to become a productive citizen in todayís society.

For over† 4 years, we have championed academic and social skills training to over 100 young men and women.† Our unique techniques have resulted in the following successes:

 All students dramatically increased their comprehension and test scores.

 New Destiny, LLC participants are now attending the following colleges and universities: Morehouse College, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Morgan State University, Howard University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Louisburg College, Temple University, McDaniel College, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Towson University, and Ohio University.

 Parents have provided referral business due to the academic success of† their children.

 Young men and women report having healthier, more respectful interactions and relationships with others. They are more confident in career and educational goals.

 Formation of† partnerships with Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families Inc., Wheaton High School, and Baltimore County Public Library System.